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LCR Meter
JK2816C universal high frequency LCR Meter
Product model:JK2816C
Measurement parameters:|Z|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ
Measurement accuracy:0.1%
Input signal:
Test speed:Slow speed: 1.5times/sec, medium: 5times/sec, high speed: 8times/sec
Measuring range:
Test frequency:50/60/80//100/120/200/400/500/800/1k/2k/4k/5k/80k/ 10k/20k/25k/40k/50k/100k/200k total 21 potint
Measurement channel:

Brief introduction :

JK2816C multi frequency universal LCR digital bridge is a new generation of component parameter testing instrument , The product integrates the company's mature experience in component testing for many years , Using the latest testing technology in this field . Strong test function and superior measurement performance make the product in the international advanced level, Combined with a low price will give the majority of customers enjoy the value . The product can provide stable 5 bit test resolution 192*64 dot matrix graphic LCD display50 Hz-100 kHz/200 kHz frequency range,the test speed  is 8 times/sec, 5 fine range, constant 30 or 100 ohm source resistance  and Flexible mode of operation . It can meet the requirements of quality assurance, incoming inspection and high precision measurement , The products provided by the HANDLER, interface for the instrument used in the automatic sorting system components, Create good conditions for computer communications and test process records.


Performance characteristics :

*Humanized operation interface, simple operation

*50Hz — 200 kHz, A total of 21 typical test frequencies

*0.3V 0.1V  1V , Programmable test level

*Measuring stability and accuracy at the world level

*five bit reading resolution

*Fastest speed up to 8 times per second

*HANDLER interface















Test parameter

|Z|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ


192×64 Series connection,

Parallel connection, five bit reading resolution

Test frequency


10k/20k/25k/40k/50k/100k/200k  total 21 potint

Test level

0.1V. 0.3V. 1V

Bacis accurancy


Display range

Z|, R, X  0.0001 Ω — 99.999MΩ
C:             0.001 pF — 99999 μ F

L:       0.001 μH — 99999 H
Q:          0.0001 — 9.9999
D:          0.0001 — 9.9999

Δ% :         99.999%— 99.999%

Test speed

Slow speed: 1.5times/sec, medium: 5times/sec, high speed: 8times/sec

equivalent  circuit

Series connection, Parallel connection

Range mode

Automatic ,keep

Trigger mode

inside,manual.outside ,bus

Check function

Open circuit, short circuit, load correction

Test end


Display mode

Direct  reading , ΔABS, Δ%, V/I(The voltage / current monitor) , reference  and  File count





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