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LCR Meter
JK2817A LCR digital bridge
Product model:JK2817A
Measurement parameters:L-Q, C-D, R-Q, Z-Q
Measurement accuracy:0.25%
Input signal:
Test speed:Slow speed :2times/sec,medium speed 5times/sec,high speed :8times/sec
Measuring range:
Test frequency:100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz ,10kHz, 40 kHz, 100 kHz, 6 point
Measurement channel:

Performance characteristics :

20 x 2 character LCD display 

Humanized operation interface, simple operation

High measurement stability and accuracy

Six bit reading resolution

30 /100 selectable signal source output impedance

Direct reading, Absolute deviation and relative deviation

Test level monitor function

Built in comparator, 4 file sorting and counting

RS-232C, HANDLER interface

Keyboard lock function


Brief introduction :

JK2817A precision LCR digital bridge is the company's latest generation of component parameter testing instrument, The product integrates the company's mature experience in component testing for many years, using the latest testing technology in this field. Strong test function and superior measurement performance make the product squeeze in the international advanced level, Combined with a low price will give the majority of customers enjoy the value. The product can provide stable 6 bit test resolution, 100Hz-100kHz frequency range, 0.1V 0.3V 0.1V programmable signal level, Measurement speed up to 10 times per second9 fine rangeThe constant 30Ωor 100Ω source resistance and Flexible human nature. It can meet the requirements of quality assurance, incoming inspection and high precision measurement. The products provided by HANDLER, GPIB and RS232C interface for the instrument used in the automatic sorting system components, and computer communication and test records to create a good condition.


Performance characteristics :

*Humanized operation interface, simple operation

* 100Hz - 100 kHz, a total of 6 typical test frequencies (JK2817A)

* 0.3V 0.1V 1V programmable test level

*Measuring stability and accuracy at the world level

* Six bit reading resolution

* Fastest speed up to 18 times /sec

* Accurate load calibration function

* JK1773/JK1775 bias source direct control ability

* 4 point frequency / level / drift list scan function

* Direct reading, absolute deviation and relative deviation

* 6 sets of internal instrument settings

* Test level monitor function

* Keyboard lock function

* HANDLER interface

* RS-232CGPIB interface(option)

Performance characteristics:


JK2817A LCR digital bridge technical parameter :

Test parameter

L-Q, C-D, R-Q, Z-Q

Test frequency

100 Hz, 120 Hz, 1 kHz ,10kHz, 40 kHz, 100 kHz, 6 point

Test level

0.1V    0.3V    1V

Basic accuracy


Display range

Z/R:0.0001Ω- 99.999MΩ
Δ%:99.999% — 999.999%

Test speedtimes/sec)

Slow speed :2times/secmedium speed 5times/sechigh speed :8times/sec

equivalent circuit

Series connection,Parallel connection

Range mode


Trigger  mode


Protection Counter Functions

Open / short circuit, spot frequency / sweep frequency clear

Measuring end

5 end

Display mode

Direct modeΔ%

Display digit

20×2 LCD

Primary and secondary display:5 

Output impedance

30Ω,100Ω ,optional

Comparator function

Four file sorting, P1 file news


HANDLER      RS-232C

General technical index

Work temperature, humidity

0℃ — 40℃, ≤90% RH

Power requirements

198 V — 242 V AC, 47.5 Hz — 52.5 Hz

Power waste

≤20 VA


350 mm×110 mm×340 mm


About 3.5 kg

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