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LCR Meter
JK2826 high precision digital bridge
Product model:JK2826
Measurement parameters:| Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ,DCR
Measurement accuracy:0.05%
Input signal:
Test speed:High speed: 75 times/sec, Medium speed: 12 times/sec,slow speed: 3 times/sec
Measuring range:
Test frequency:20 Hz-5MHz,0.01Hz Resolving power
Measurement channel:

Brief  introduction:

JK2826 high precision digital bridge is a kind of multifunctional component parameter tester for testing various electronic components. Using 7 inch 800x480 color TFT LCD display. High speed, stable. 20Hz-5MHz multi frequency points and 0.05% accuracy can meet the requirements of production line quality control, incoming inspection and laboratory measurements.

Performance characteristics :

New 32 bit core processor, data than foreign first-class equipment

7 inch color TFT display

20 - Hz5MHz test frequency

0.05% - Basic measurement accuracy, test speed (75 times / sec)

graphics scanning analysis function, support frequency / level / offset scan, insight into the measured characteristics.

-Multi - parameter test function.

Automatic level control ALC function - Test of voltage or current.

30 Ω, 50 Ω,100 Ω,10/CC, four different 10/CC signal source output impedance

Built in comparator, 10 file sorting and counting function

10 - point list scan function

100 sets of internal settings file , U disk 500 sets of test files to save or call

- 0V, 1.5V and 2V internal DC bias voltage

Optional + 5V (+ 100mA) or 1A DC bias voltage source DC bias source

The software can be upgraded and updated through the U Disk

U disk copy screen, real-time data storage, which can support the FAT16 format, FAT32 file system

standard RS232CUSB HOSTUSB DEVICEHANDLER Earphone interface, foot switch interface, optional GPIB, LAN




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