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Multiple resistance tester
JK2515B-16S Multiple resistance tester
Product modelJK2515B-16S
Measurement parameters
Measurement accuracy0.1%
Input signal
Test speed20 meas/sec
Measuring rangefrom 10̦ to 20k
Test frequency
Measurement channel

Brief description

JK2515B - 4 d multiplex resistance tester is a internal resistance tester with wide range, high speed, a high precision by adopt embedded high performance microprocessor .Which is designed for industrial control resistance tester. Custom range from 10 mu ~ 20 k , benefit from jinko resistance measurement technology, the test speed up to 20 times per second.  JK2515B is by far the most small resistance tester with internal resistance tester for independent 4 group, upper and lower limit set, PASS/FAIL output trigger with PLC interface.


1Test speed Up to 20 times per second.
2High precision and wide range. Especially suitable for the small resistance test.
3Strong anti-interference, stable data.
4Can test eight different range of resistance value at the same time        
5display range, current visually, choose directly.
6: 4 channels inner independence  The equivalent of four low resistance tester


Measurement of all kinds of high, medium and low value resistor

All kinds of switch contact resistance

Enameled wire resistance

Connector contact resistance

Relay lines and contact resistance

Transformers, inductors, motors, deflection coil winding resistance

Solder joint contact resistance

conductor resistance

Cars, boats and planes of metal riveting resistance

Printed lines and Kong Hua resistance

Characterization of low resistance characteristics of mechanical and electronic components

Metal detection, etc.



Multiple testingAny way combination

Dimensions 350 mm(Wx340 mmDx110 (H

Basic accuracy0.1%

Rangefrom 10̦ to 20k

display3999 of reading

High speed test20 meas/sec

Correction functionshort circuit zeroing function

Comparator functionbuilt-in comparatorPASS/FAIL Sorting result display and IO output

Four terminal test

Built-in Handler interface (RS2

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