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Multiple resistance tester
JK2515B-16D multiplex resistance tester
Product model:JK2515B-16D
Measurement parameters:
Measurement accuracy:0.1%
Input signal:
Test speed:20times / sec
Measuring range:10μΩ ~ 200kΩ
Test frequency:
Measurement channel:

Product name :JK2515B-16D multiplex resistance tester

 Detailed introduction :

 JK2515B-16D multi channel resistance tester is a kind of high precision wide range, high speed, Using the high performance microprocessor to control the embedded resistance tester. Designed for industrial control of the resistance tester, custom range,from 10μΩ200kΩBenefit from the Au tip resistance measurement technology, making the test speed up to 20 times / sec. The interior of the 16 groups of independent resistance tester, up and down limits set, with PLC trigger interface PASS/FAIL output.



1: test speed up to 30 times / sec.

2: high precision, wide range. Especially suitable for small resistance test.

3: strong anti-interference, data stability.

4: can be tested at the same time the resistance value of 8 different ranges

5: range, current visual display, direct selection.

6: 8 internal independent equivalent to 8 low resistance tester


Technical Specifications:

Multiplex test8-16channels, Any number of combinations

Outside size450mmx150mmx420mm

Basic accuracy0.1%

range,从10μΩ 200kΩ

display3999reading value

High speed test20times / sec

Performance characteristics

Correction function: short circuit clear  function.

Comparator (sorting) function: built-in comparator, PASS/FAIL sorting results display and IO output.

Four terminal test

Built in Handler interface.



Measurement of various high, medium and low value resistors

Various switch contact resistance

Enamelled wire resistance

Connector contact resistance

Relay wire and contact resistance

Transformer, inductor, motor, deflection coil winding resistance

Solder joint  Contact resistance

Conductor resistance

Metal riveting resistance for vehicles, ships and aircraft

Printed wiring and pore resistance

Characterization of low resistance characteristics of electromechanical components

Metal defect detection etc.


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