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Multiple resistance tester
JK7000S series Multiplex resistance scanner
Product model:JK7000S
Measurement parameters:DC resistance
Measurement accuracy:0.5%
Input signal:
Test speed:100times / sec、40times / sec、2times / sec
Measuring range:10mΩ-200kΩ
Test frequency:
Measurement channel:

Product name : JK7000S series Multiplex resistance scanner

-Up to 80 channels resistance / temperature sweep test

- scan test test used programmable terminal access

- multiple test unit synchronous measurement (up to 6 units)

-In each test unit can freely swap 

-Maximum resistance accuracy: 0.05%

- basic temperature accuracy: 0.2

- min resistance resolution: 10uΩ

- the maximum test speed can be up to 600 times / sec

-Single machine and scan mode support resistance and temperature measurement

-7 inch color LCD screen with touch function, display resolution of 800 x 480

- output channel level, board level, the level of comparison sorting results (overrun, qualified and alarn)

- screen information is stored in the U disk

-Real time data storage function preservation - convenient measurement results

-USB HOST can automatically upgrade the instrument operation software

-Chinese and English optional interface

-Flexible and convenient file operating system

-In the Handler interface for the realization of on-line operation

- RS232 USB HOST, USB, Device, LAN, and PC can be convenient for data communication and remote control of instruments

  Jin AI Lian JK7000S series multi resistance scanner simulation test unit with the concept of synchronous card insertion design, Support card test unit can reach 6,And the synchronous measurement is realized between the inserting plates,Greatly improve the measuring speed. Each measurement board contains 16 test ends, The combination of the test end supports the user's free programming, Maximum configurable up to 90 resistance / temperature scan measurement channels, each channel can be individually designed to compare the separation and output comparison sorting signal. 0.05% the highest resistance accuracy, in the 200mΩ range, the resistance resolution is to achieve a 10uΩ level, the test scan range from 10uΩ to 200kΩ. The temperature compensation and temperature conversion function of the instrument makes the test of the product exempt from the environmental temperature, You can output the machine level, board level and the results of the comparison of the various channels, so that your test and data analysis and processing, product sorting easier. Standard RS232, USB HOST, USB Device and HANDLER interface is not only convenient for you to measure the rapid storage of data, but also facilitate the remote control of your instrument. With touch function resolution of 800*480.


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