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DC Low-Ohm meter
JK2511D DC low resistance tester
Product model:JK2511D
Measurement parameters:
Measurement accuracy:0.1% reading+ 2words
Input signal:
Test speed:High speed: 10, slow speed: 2.5
Measuring range:
Test frequency:
Measurement channel:

Product Brief:

JK2511D DC low resistance tester


 1: high test speed  

2: simple operation 

3. reading intuitive 

4: high precision price ratio of

 5: small volume

DC low resistance tester 10 common questions and answers

1. Question :how many types of DC low resistance tester in Changzhou JinAiLian?

Answer: A total of 4 products, they are JK2512  JK2512A  JK2512B  JK2511D \JK2511

2. Quastion:What is the meaning of "+2 words" in basic accuracy?

Answer: The word "+2" refers to the display of the last allowed to jump up and down 2 numbers.

3. Question : Does the DC resistance test current is constant?

Answer: The current in the corresponding test range is constant, with a total of 1A - 1uA 7 current

4. Question: JK2512 series resistance meter is divided into several ranges, what is the current of each measurement range?

Answer : 20 milli ohm 1A, -2 is 100mA, 20 ohm is 10mA, the 200 ohm is 1mA, 2K-20K is 100uA, 200K is 10uA.

5. Question: JK25XX series of low resistance tester user homemade probe test folder with what points of attention, specifically how to reform in order to ensure the accuracy of the test?

Answer : Requires the probe as short as possible, and the test line is also short, the four terminals are directly connected to the probe.

6. Question : JK2512 testing of copper contact resistance, the current will increase in the above will lead to a temperature rise in copper, the test data will float, how to solve?

Answer: Reduce the current, select a lot of test.

7. What is the lime point about JK2512 series short circuit reset ?

Answer: JK2512 series of short circuit in the clear, you need to pay attention to the direction of the test chuck must be one-to-one correspondence, otherwise it can not be zero

8.  Question : Can you measure the four terminal resistor?

Answer: The test clamp must be reformed before the four terminal resistor can be measured

9. Question : JK25XX series of low resistance tester that the two can be a communication interface?

AnswerJK2512B and JK2515B standard HANDLER interface, optional RS232, other models without communication interface

10Questionwhat products  DC low resistance test is mainly used to detect?

    Answer: The DC low resistance tester series products stable performance, easy to use, suitable for transformer and inductor coil copper resistance relay contact resistance, contact resistance, switch, connector, wire resistance component solder contact resistance, PCB line and welding hole resistance, metal detection etc.

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