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DC Low-Ohm meter
JK2512C DC low resistance tester
Product model:JK2512C
Measurement parameters:DC resistance
Measurement accuracy:0.05%
Input signal:
Test speed:30times/sec,15times/sec,2times / sec
Measuring range:1μΩ~2MΩ
Test frequency:
Measurement channel:

Product name :JK2512C DC low resistance tester 

Product notes : Standard RS232 interface, optional PLC interface. Measuring range: 1μΩ~2MΩ

Test parameter : DC resistance

Basic accuracy : 0.05%

Test  range  :   1μΩ~2MΩ

Singal source : max  current:<1A, current parrten:High current, small current, pulse current

Range :     nine ranges automatic and manual

Test speed :  30times/sec,15times/sec,2times / sec

Display results:  direct reading ΔABS、Δ% and Separation result

Max reading:  20,000

Check :Full range of short circuit reset, with REL relative value function

Comparator : display and output  ,NG-LO, GD-IN, NG-HI , Alarn

Trigger mode : insidemanualoutsideRemote trigger

Interface : optional  RS232C  interface ,handler  interface PLC interface

Test  end 4 terminal shield (including 2 Detection ends and the 2 drive terminals) and the outer shield ground

Power requirements: voltage198VAC240VAC  frequency50Hz powermax  15VA

Size and weight: outside sizemm):270mm(width)x130mm(height)x290mm(depth)  


optional parts : 0.8 meter resistance four end clamp

other: 192*64  LCD display




Application scope


Measurement of various medium and low value resistors

Various switch contact resistance

Connector contact resistance

Relay wire and contact resistance

Micro step motor coil resistance test

Transformer, inductor, deflection coil winding resistance

Contact resistance

Conductor resistance

Metal riveting resistance for vehicles, ships and aircraft

Printed wiring and pore resistance

Metal defect detection

Manganin shunt ammeter shunt

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