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DC Low-Ohm meter
JK2512D precision DC low resistance tester
Product model:JK2512D
Measurement parameters:
Measurement accuracy:0.05% Reading 1 words
Input signal:
Test speed:4times / sec、8times /sec 、12times /sec、20times /sec、30times /sec
Measuring range:
Test frequency:
Measurement channel:

Product Brief

JK2512D precision DC low resistance tester is a kind of high precision, wide measuring range of high speed impedance measuring instrument . The measuring range of this instrument is 10uΩ~20.000MΩ, ues The principle of constant current test, It has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and wide range. Within any range , With the same test speed, Stable performance, to reach the domestic advanced level. The instrument can be widely used in factories, universities, research institutes, etc., on the thermistor measurement, batch sorting.


Performance characteristics :

240*128 large screen LCD dot matrix graphic display

Humanized operation interface, easy operation and maintenance

Good test stability fast test speed

Simple and clear operation and display of the six sorting

HANDLER interface

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