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Electronic load
8511 Programmable electronic load
Product model:8511
Measurement parameters:
Measurement accuracy:
Input signal:
Test speed:
Measuring range:
Test frequency:
Measurement channel:

Product Brief:

8511 programmable DC electronic load series can be widely used in power transformers, chargers, switching power supplies, batteries and other industries in the field of online testing and laboratory. The series of instruments with backlit LCD display, with digital keyboard and rotary encoder, so that the instrument display more intuitive, more comprehensive, more convenient operation. The improvement of rated voltage, constant current, constant power, constant resistance function, remote measurement, short-circuit test, battery test, dynamic test and PC software control functions (specific functions depending on the model) to let you get a multi use affordable and convenient.


LCD’ s clear and direct display with backlight

Multi functional measurement modes

Standard RS232C interface

Remote measurement function

Perfect protection

Auto control of cooling fan’s speed

8511B  0-300V/ 1mA-30A/ 150W  

8511C  0-300V/ 1mA-30A/ 300W


Main features:

1, full digital operation and control

2, with backlight LCD display, display rich information

3, knob switch convenient operation

4, multi machine can be used to expand the load capacity

5, short circuit test function

6, dynamic test function

7, remote voltage measurement

8, panel and external trigger function

9, protection function: over voltage, over current, over power, over heat

10, the 10 sets of parameter memory and call, with the automatic call function

11, intelligent fan control

12, keyboard lock and knob lock function

13, minimum starting voltage, minimum shutdown voltage and automatic delay off function

14, humanized multi-level menu settings, easy to operate

15, RS232C communication interface and multi computer com

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