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Furnace temperature tester
JK90T furnace temperature tester
Product modelJK90T
Measurement parameters
Measurement accuracy1
Input signal
Test speed
Measuring range-100---500
Test frequency
Measurement channel4CH6CH

JK series temperature analyzer is widely used in the electronics industry SMT mount and plug-in PCB welding temperature considerations, temperature mapping and analysis is also applicable to other industries (such as food, environment, coating, oven, tunnel furnace......)
In response to the green lead free process, we provide you with a solution to temperature curve mapping and data analysis in a harsh environment

JK60S is Jinko 2016 in the original JK series of multi-channel temperature tester based on the redesigned design of a new high-performance furnace temperature tester,Apparatus is very delicate, continuous thermometer can test 256 temperature curves, a temperature tester data storage industry most!
Without driving, compatible with USB and RS232 two ways of connection, accurate furnace temperature curve test, professional analysis software for wave soldering and reflow soldering temperature analysis to provide accurate process index decision and curve optimization.

Products are suitable for electronic SMT/DIP processing, solar energy, glass toughening and curing,Dacromet coating and geomet,Home appliances non stick paint coating, plastic UV baking paint, epoxy resin curing,Curing of motor paint,Automobile painting,Drying and curing of color coated sheet,Enamel sintering,Heat treatment of aluminum alloy,Glass annealing,Hardware, dusting and other industries.

Setting function of temperature curve (data analysis report):

1 setting temperature and transportation speed in reflow furnace and wave temperature area
2 temperature sampling point location name and PCB sketch map
3The time between two temperature values
4The slope between the two temperature values
5The slope between two points of time
6Time beyond the specified temperature
7Maximum temperature and temperature at any time
8The horizontal temperature line, the vertical line and the time between the two moments
9Mesh editing, thinning, and curve zooming
10 simulation curve function, process optimization, test date and time
11Input of company name, product name and memo information
12Select Print direction (horizontal printing and vertical printing)
13Temperature data reports can be exported to Excel for editing
14Insert the picture function to make the temperature test point clear at a glance
15Call the multi group temperature curve for comparison
16Two kinds of working modes are recorded and recorded in real time
17Manual erase and software erase device memory data mode
18Manual, specified time, specified temperature, three starting modes

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