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MOS tube tester
JK9613 MOS pipe parameter analysis tester
Product model:JK9613
Measurement parameters:
Measurement accuracy:
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Measuring range:
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JK9613 uses high-precision AD to meet measurement accuracy, while high-speed microprocessors and electronic switches make measurements work quickly, efficiently, and quietly.

This instrument adopts the international general pulse measuring method, can provide more than 300A test current, and will not make the test tube heating. High current test plus voltage test technology is unique, using various protection to make measurement safety.

You can get the main parameters of the power Vmos tube by just pressing the test button. The range of sorting parameters can be set according to requirements, which can greatly facilitate industrial batch production.

N channel universal test

Multi parameter simultaneous test and display

Maximum current up to 300A

MOS tube characteristic curve display

One key quick measurement

The U disk stores the measurement results

7 inch color touch screen

Simultaneous measurement of resistance and internal pressure

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